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Having years of diverse experiences in different sectors, we aim to leverage our expertise, strategy and technologies to bring businesses to the next level. At Biz Atom, we dedicate ourselves to understand and solve business problems, as well as creating new business opportunities to our clients and partners using digital technologies tailored to their industry.


Inventory Management System (IMS)

Our client who is in a retail industry needed an inventory management system that was not only reliable and proven, but also powerful enough to free staff to focus on the most important customer interactions. They had been spending more than 50% of the time everyday to do repeated tasks such as manually deducting their stocks for thousands of sales everyday and adjusting the incoming and outgoing stocks, manually reconcile the sales and purchase, and generating invoices that they have on a daily basis via spreadsheet.

After using our system, 

  • They can easily generate reports on a real-time basis which lead to a better decision making and increase in sales by 50% – 70%.
  • Automate their stocks management which help them in reduction of dead stock and optimized labor costs.
  • Allow them to focus on increasing the variety of the products and up-sell them.


Here is how our team help them reduce the human errors and free up their staffs to do more productive tasks everyday.

  • Cloud-based solutions integrated with a customized mobile app, allowing the users to update the inventory on a real-time basis.
  • Low-stock reporting and notifications helps the user to make a managerial decision.
  • Pricing automation based on pricelist and inventory valuation method such as; FIFO and LIFO, integrated with accounting system.
  • Auto-deduction and addition upon delivering and receiving the items via the mobile app.
  • Smart real-time reporting and exportable in excel format.


Biz Atom is a professional firm which offers an outstanding consultancy services on customized ERP system that can help the business increase the productivity by automating the process and monitoring the actual cost on material and labor in real time. Christopher is a responsible person who provides effective ERP solution for us with his strong technical competence on ERP.



Our commitment to the project starts as early as the sales stage, we meet up, discuss and draw up the key points of the projects, understand the problems while developing a concept solution from a broader perspective. We believe that our tailored process will bring rapid results to every successful project implementation and we hope to make yours to be one of them.


We focus on the solutions to the problems that you have been facing and find out how we can help you out.


Our team will study your business process, understand the problems, strategise the enterprise workflow and look for opportunities to optimize and automate the process.


Mapping the entire process helps the parties involved understand the application better.


Our application is built based upon implementation standards to ensure that the application is scalable enough to adapt to your future needs.


Nothing more important for us than launching the project successfully. Using our UAT(User acceptance testing) checklist, we ensure all users fully understand how the application help them in their daily task and most importantly, bring success to the company.

We'd love to help you scale your business.

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